Putting the social in social distancing: virtual hangouts

What’s there to do in the City that Never Sleeps when we can’t go out to eat, drink, exercize, socialize, entertain ourselves or do pretty much anything other than bulk buy from our local grocery stores? 

To spin a negative into a positive, we’re all in this together (*cue High School Musical throwback jams*). 

But really though, companies and humans across the city are coming together to offer their events in a virtual format so we can still feel a sense of community amidst this unprecedented moment of anxiety and uncertainty. None of us know how long this’ll keep up, but what we do know is we have each other. Sappiness aside, here’s 6 digital hangs you can tune into to stay sane while staying inside.

  1. Caveat NYC

A nerd’s paradise, part comedy show and part educational entertainment, Caveat NYC has taken to a digital format for its fans. From the basement of their Lower East Side haunt to a YouTube free-for-all-format, if you’re looking for a new way to be entertained you can tune in live for streams about everything from the virus we can’t escape to tips for finding work in the gig economy.

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  1. Corepower Yoga

While the social element isn’t quite that of Pelton’s live competition stream, the generosity of this yoga studio means nearly 12 hours of free yoga content has hit the Internet so you can continue your practice even when the studio is closed.

Get Your Zen On

  1. STRTGST Live

A group of advertising and marketing strategists have come together to form a community and commiserate/collaborate together. Every Wednesday at noon you can hop on their Zoom channel to talk about working from home, the struggles of finding work amongst a hirng freeze, or hang tight and hear from the others. 

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  1. Broadway

The show must go on. Many Broadway stars have taken to Instagram Live to perform for their fans (and they’re taking requests!). A new series called Living Room Concerts has just emmerged, too, via BroadwayWorld, the industry’s leading news source. Check it out if you’re into the arts. Keep an eye on social channels to get the full scoop.


  1. Daily Soul Spa

A Rabbi has kindly taken to the Internet to offer a daily moment to pause, reflect and pray together. All faiths are welcome to participate over Zoom every day at 4 pm.

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  1. Poetry Lunch

As the name suggests, this is a weekly gathering of poetry lovers over a good meal. They’re keeping pace with tradition, just online now. Every week there’s a different theme and everyone takes turns sharing what they’ve come up with. “Poetry” is loosely defined as songs, doodles, dances and anything that sparks creative genius. Participation is encouraged but by no means mandatory, so observers are more than welcome, too.

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  1. Meditation Room

The theme is resilience;  every Wednesday at 9 am there will be a 30 minute window with a facilitator to dive into meditation, visualization, yoga, and tai chi, all in an effort to stay healthy, grounded, and resilient in these uncertain times.

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