Daily film and book 03/23/20

Film-star trek 4 and the red phallus-both are great.

Star trek 4 is the ultimate feel good film for times when stress seems to real. Lite, fun and optimistic, time breezes past as this perfect example of pure joy cinema comes on screen. You will end the film with a smile and not a care in the world.

The red phallus is an interesting and emotional journey through Bhutan and a family that makes, well phalluses. A young girl emotionally trys to separate from her family, only to force herself to confront her own place in the world within existence itself. Beautiful laconic imagery, emotional performances and a story we can all relate too. Definitely recommend watching this great visual journey.

Today’s book-Mindfulness: a practical guide to awakening. This has been on my reading list for quite awhile, as I work to explore my own mindfulness and attention to my senses and relationships.
The book explores how energy, being and place intersect to test us, and that by doing so, we become better connected to our own sense of mindfulness. Atuning to one’s energy and place, as well as others, allows us to be more mindful.
Can not recommend this enough.

Tomorrows film and book- Sun in the last days of the shogunate and The Deficit Myth Modern Monetary theory and the birth of the people’s economy

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