About us

The New Yorker’s daily hustle typically involves more than our fair share of human contact. From squeezing on to the E train each morning of our daily commute to standing shoulder to shoulder at our favorite packed neighborhood bar for happy hour, our days are packed with a schedule filled to the brim of quality time with friends, family and brushes with strangers. It’s all part of a New York Minute.

Now, as our lives come to a standstill while we isolate ourselves in the confines of our (oh so tiny!) New York apartments, the question arises: how do we survive the pandemic of loneliness in the age of swiping right? 

Even the most introverted of us must be feeling the effects of so much time spent indoors, alone, and surrounded by no more than 9 of our closest friends (because 10 people is a party now). 

Pandemic NYC will be a resource for social networking amidst the most anti-social moment in recent history. So instead of clicking “buy” on that excessive Amazon order of fitness equipment (best time to tone those abs), we’re channeling our cabin fever into this website for us to all share our experiences, questions, and virtually bond while physically distancing ourselves from our fellow New Yorkers.

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