7 Extremely New York Moments of the Pandemic

And they said New Yorkers were mean. Psssst…we just like to tell it how it is. One thing’s for sure, the resilience, compassion and community of New Yorkers always reigns supreme, especially at a time like this.

1. A Flowchart We Can All Understand

You heard the sign. Go home.

2. A “Long Distance” Love Story

Social distancing bubble and drone sold separately.

3. Cuomo’s Daily Press Conferences

He’s the CEO of Powerpoint with a side order of sass right now.

4 .Socially Distanced Central Park Wedding

Nothing can stop love!

5. Don’t Litter (Taken Up A Notch)

Rules are rules.

6. Bryant Park’s New Look

This is a haircut we approve of.

7. A Quick Reminder from the Williamsburg Bridge

We got this.

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