25 Creative Ways to Stay Entertained

With all this time at home, it’s enabled a lot of our creative juices to flow. From family puzzle parties to dusting the cobwebs off a book that’s been sitting on our shelf, we’re all in agreement that now’s as good a time as any to start building up those hobbies.

Lots of people have taken to social media as a way to stay connected – from celebrity live streams to virtual dance parties, and even, a spin-off of Love Is Blind conducted entirely over Google spreadsheets – Love is Quarantine.

If you’re tired of screen time and looking for another way to stay busy, here are 25 ideas to get you going.

1- Draw in an adult coloring book

Not that kind of adult…they’re just intricate patterns and shapes that are actually pretty therapeutic to color.

2 – Make music

Have you ever thought about becoming a producer? If you have a Mac computer, now’s as good a time as any to put that free Garageband software to good use.

3 – Take up Knitting

Who said that grandma is the only one who can enjoy an old fashioned hobby? Honorable mentions include crochet and weaving.

4 – Make a fort

Remember how much fun it was as a kid? Bonus points if you have kids – what a good excuse to spark your imagination!

5 – Write a story

Or journal your feelings. Put down the computer and the iPad and go analog with it. If your inner critic is kicking in saying you’re not creative or you don’t like writing, why not push past it for just 10 short minutes and see how you feel after that?

6 – Exercise

You’ll feel so much better afterward. There’s a lot of free classes available online right now, especially on Youtube (bonus points if you find a Youtuber you like since their videos will be free even after this virus subsides!)

7 – Clean your house

Surely we don’t have to tell you twice, especially since everyone’s been up in arms about hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. But it might also be a great excuse to give the bathroom a deep clean or whip out the mop.

8 – Bake a cake

There are tons of easy store-bought options for those of you who don’t consider yourselves crafty in the kitchen. And for those of you who are, now’s as good a time as any to tackle that difficult recipe you’ve been meaning to try.

9 – Cook a meal

If baking isn’t your thing you could try making dinner for the whole family

10 – Organize your closet

Color-coded, anyone? Or you can go all Marie Kondo on your drawers.

11 – Do crafts

Repaint your old furniture, make a sea glass picture frame…see what you have around your house and head to Pinterest for some suggestions on what craft you can do.

12 – Learn a language

DuoLingo is free so no excuses!

13 – Make a maze

We saw some families getting really into it on TikTok.

14 – Paint the house

It could use a touch up.

15 – Re-decorate your room

It seems like a great time to hang up that photo you’ve been procrastinating on.

16 – Go for a walk around the block

Even though we’re being told to stay home, it’s okay to get some fresh air every once in a while – as long as you stay 6′ away from other people. #puttingthedistanceinsocialdistancing

17 – Teach your dog new tricks

Well, this one only works if you have a dog. Or a cat!

18 – Give yourself a facial

There’s tons of pre-made ones at our local pharmacies still.

19 – Dye your roots

As the memes joke, by the time this is all over, everyone will know your real hair color! But not if you buy boxed dye.

20 – Nail care

Now that the nail salons have shut down, you can give yourself a mani/pedi. Bonus points for the men who give it a try.

21– Play board games

Clue? Monopoly? Scrabble? Why not all three!

22- Play card games

Once you run out of board games there’s a ton of card games you can dive into.

23- Watch sports reruns

Just because the current sports’ season is on hiatus doesn’t mean you can’t rewatch old favorites.

24- Listen to old music

Dive into some throwback playlists on Spotify because why not?

25- Meditate

Sometimes, doing nothing isn’t a bad thing. It can be the very thing that keeps us calm throughout this chaotic time!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Have always wanted to try knitting. There are websites that offer expert classes for a minimal fee, I was looking at Bluprint.com. Interesting ways to learn new skills.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I have personally been re-listening to some of my old favorite songs and it has been very fun and nostalgic!

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